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Commercial Office interior - London N1

Design intent: to create a working environment that makes occupants feel welcome, relaxed but most importantly creates a ‘home from home’ environment.

The office space is split over 2 levels: entrance level and an upper mezzanine level.

The 2 levels are very disitinct, formal versus informal environments, organised thus:

Entrance Level: waiting/ reception seating space, ‘pod’-meeting room ; work stations beyond.

Mezzanine Level: kitchen and dining area, soft seating, informal meeting/seminar space.

As well as its use as a kitchen and dining/ rest area, the mezzanine level can be used for more informal meetings, a place to entertain guests, office functions, presentations or seminars.

The contrasting characters between the two spaces adds a positive tension within the office environment that has been utilised to its fullest potential and has been thus far very successful.

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